Moving in Toronto. What do you need?

Everybody knows that the moving process is quite stressful and you’ll need a lot of supplies. Some companies provide full package of Toronto moving supplies and can give you everything you need. But that’s not always the true, and if you want to move with comfort you’ll need those supplies.

Moving boxes. This is the first thing you have to care on, number #1 on the list. But how many of them will you need? For one big room you’ll need about 10 small boxes, five medium and five large boxes. That’s not the constant, everything depends on how many goods you have, but in most cases that amount will be enough.  Count the number of your rooms and orient on those number of boxes to pack everything you have. Small tip: Economy is good but don’t forget to buy special boxes for clothes, dishes and other stuff. Those boxes will protect your belongings better than others.

Tape. For large move you better buy a tape dispenser, be sure that it’s worth every penny you pay. Small tip: Buy different colored markers and tape to mark your boxes by rooms and content.

Packing paper. It’s necessary in case you don’t want to see black print markings on your belongings after using newspaper. This is the case when you better pay more and be sure that everything will be in a good condition. Packing paper will help you to transport fragile things such as dishes in safe. Small tip: packing paper is recyclable and your garbage bin will be free.

Bubble wrap. It’s quite fun and interesting thing, but bubble wrap could also keep fragile items in safe. The only thing you’ll have to care about is the right size. To protect something from dings and different dents you may use small wrap, to provide some shock absorb you’ll want to use medium wrap, and if you need to fill free space inside boxes you may use large bubble wrap. Small tip: to provide absorption or to prevent some shock damage you have to wrap things with bubbles in inner side.

Moving straps. It’s necessary to buy them if you are going to do some heavy lifting by yourself, they worth money. Sure, if moving company takes the hard work, you wouldn’t need straps.

Moving blankets. For comfortable moving in Toronto you’ll need them. They’ll protect you property and keep it in safe.

Mattress bags. So, be sure that you’ll need some if you don’t want to see your mattress dirty or even damaged and scratched. Also these bags are useful if you are going to keep your belongings in storage. Small tip: pay close attention to packaging items that will be in storage for a long term.