Here are some helpful advices that’ll help you to control the situation and not be caught by the criminals.

The first thing you’ll have to do is to close up your PC and do a small research outside of the internet. As
Toronto movers reviews, all reputable companies have they web-sites, and still all victims say that they found scam in internet. So, start from asking your friends, relatives and other familiar persons who you can trust. In Toronto almost everyone used to work with moving companies, so advises of real people are the best advertisement.

What to do next? Find moving companies with offices near your location and visit them. Don’t use help of moving broker, their work wouldn’t be under the consumer protection laws. Remember, that every reputable mover Toronto has it’s own office.

Invite those companies to your home to do the in-home estimate. Usually scam not going to do this, they work by phone and their estimation will be really high and tempting. Remember, that every company will give you estimation based on the real situation they see in your home.

Their first task – is to take you attention, give a lot of promises and then deceive you. Check out the trucks, that company use. Usually scam rent their cars, they don’t have any permanently marking, max that you’ll see on their truck is a sign attached to one of the doors.

Don’t be shy to ask questions about services that company provide. Don’t sign any papers that weren’t explained to you or look questionably. You should remember that every moving company has to provide a special booklet with your rights and responsibilities. Try to get as much information about company as you can, real movers will gladly answer your questions, and scam will try to avoid answers. Here what you have to ask:

  • Get references;
  • Know full company name;
  • e-mail address;
  • company address;
  • web-site;
  • phone numbers;
  • license numbers.

If you will know that and be careful you may return to online searching. It’s useful and easy way to find everything you need. You should do small run on specialized forums and find reviews on company work. Not every review is written by customer, so try to contact with person, who left his commentary and ask him what he liked and what problems he faced with that company. After all that you’ll be ready to choose.

Be careful if at moving day you see anyone not from the company you hired, so you’ll have to fire them all.