Requirements to Appliance Movers

Technical progress supposes using kitchen appliances in household. Every house is equipped with refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, stoves and tumble dryers. Some of kitchen appliances are lightweight and movable; the others are heavy and complicated.

You will need to hire Atlas moving company to reposition them, move them within your house or to the other apartment. Its highly trained specialists should dismantle, remove and replace sophisticated fridges and ovens without any danger, ankle sprain, back strain or muscle injury. Quality domestic machine removers will also guarantee that your floor covering and walls will be not scratched or damaged.

Skills and Credentials

Domestic technique can be sources of increased danger. Gas ovens, electric appliances and wash machines need special skills, licenses and tools. Appliance movers, empowered to dismantle cookers, ovens, electric and gas stoves, need to be professional specialists in this field able to avoid gas leak or electric shock.

To disconnect their ferrules, hoses and unmate the plug and receptacle, they should be acquainted with brands such as General Electric, Viking, Hotpoint or Kenmore. Moving company personnel should attend training, wear gloves and use adjustable wrench, pliers and gas leak detectors. Experienced carrier makes a point of professional behavior and health of the workers.

Fridges and Dishwashers

By disconnecting water hoses and wires of dishwashers and washing machines, water leakage and electric shocks should be avoided. Special-purpose removing company specialists guarantee undamaged state of your Whirlpool, GE, Kitchen Aid or Maytag as well as connecting hoses, plumbing fixtures and the floor underneath the machines. Atlas moving company will guarantee the best service level and accuracy. Fridge freezers that are equipped with water dispensers can be attached to water supply and thus require plumbing skills.



Equipment and Wrapping Aids

Refrigerators, kitchen ranges and washing machines are heavy-weight and unwieldy. It is difficult and awkward for residential transporters to remove them within the house and on staircase landings because of constricted passing, clutter and piles of junk. In addition, damage – free installation of ovens, machines and fridges to the floor or carpet can be challenging and hindered. Appliance movers use spare parts and loading equipment that facilitate carrying and mounting, such as:

• hoses;
• floor and carpet adapters;
• adjustable systems;
• heavy-duty machine propulsion units;
• connectors, attachments and bags for vacuum cleaners and blowers;
• clean-room garment for Atlas moving company employees;
• blankets;
• covers;
• hand trucks;
• dollies.
These accessories and facilities allow appliance movers to carry the machines within the house and outdoor and install them to the floor fast and accurate. Professional relocation agency can make inhouse appliance displacement, rearranging your residential furniture and home appliances. Atlas moving company is the best in this field, proving quality, special-purpose and reasonably-prices services.

Residential carriers can also deliver your domestic machines together with furniture and belongings to your new destination, making it fast, accurate and safe. They are insured, professional, skilled and experienced. Thus, you can trust honest movers who have properly equipped trucks, accurate and trained personnel. However, to find out that the companies are really reliable, responsible, punctual and careful, it is necessary to make efforts and take time.