Why should you be careful and look for the best Toronto movers?

So, the moving process has started, all your belongings were packed up and loaded into a truck. At that moment people often think about safety of their stuff. Will you see everything on your own again? Is there any chance, that your fragile things will be broken when arrive to new home? Not every relocation has happy end, sometimes people even have to call the police. And even if the guys you’re hired up aren’t criminals you still have a chance to see some of your things are broken. Life experience tells us that it’s necessary to do all you can to ensure that your belongings are in right hands.

 So, how to find the best company?

The vast majority of moving companies have websites with full list of their services, places they ready to go, price and time of their work. Sometimes from their web-page you can get to know the service history and movers Toronto reviews. So, first thing you have to do is to collect all the background information about company. Don’t be shy to ask questions if you have some, every company has their number and e-mail information on the website.

But the background research doesn’t end in internet. Sure, you can read all reviews in the web, but be sure that sometimes they’re written not by customers.

To find reviewers that you can trust just ask around. Almost every person in Toronto moved for one time in their life, some of them have bigger experience, so just ask your friends about their recommendations, maybe there will be some good advices. While choosing a moving company you should know not only the companies with good reputation, it’s vital to know all notorious movers, who can trick you. There are some really good web-sites with lists of  moving scam companies. If you want to avoid them you should know them in face.

Try judging not by good reviews but by the bad ones. The number of unhappy customers could say everything about company. Try to contact one of them and ask why he is disappointed by the company service. Also ask the company for all needed documents and sign contract carefully to avoid unpleasant situations.

Here are some tips that’ll help you to recognize a rogue mover:

  • Scammers usually give you “phone inspection” of all your belongings; they don’t even need to do on-site check.  And their estimates sounds good, so good that it arouses suspicion.
  • The company asks for huge prepayment or even wants to get all money before the work complete.

They may show to you lot of certificates, recommendations and other blanks. But they don’t have the registration and other really important documents.

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