Movers Hamilton Ontario.

Packing is quite hard part of moving process. Many movers Hamilton Ontario area recommend reading some guides if you have decided to pack everything by yourself.

First of all you’ll have to buy right packing materials. Don’t forget what you need:

  • packing tape;
  • boxes;
  • bubble wrap;
  • packing peanuts;
  • wardrobe boxes.

Packing movers Hamilton Ontario
All those things can be purchased at the local market, but also some movers Hamilton Ontario area sell some materials you need, so don’t forget to ask your movers about it.

Also prepare notepad and some scissors/knife.
Pack one room at a time, don’t do a mess of boxes from different places with different stuff. Don’t forget about labeling, you may use marker or color tape to distinguish every box, it’ll help you during unpacking.

To prevent situation when something is lost you better empty all spill-able items, drawers and all fragile things.
Do it right: heavy things should be packed at the bottom and the lighter ones on the top of the boxes.

If you have something that is really heavy then better pack it similar in small box so it’ll be easier to carry.
Plan everything and make a notes. It’ll be better if you’ll make a list if all things that being packed.

During loading your truck remember how you play Tetris and place all boxes densely.