Newmarket Van Hire Options

Facing moving of three or four-bedroom house to another city or province, Ontario householders basically prefer full-service solutions. It provides relief during nerve-racking and intensive relocation process. Small volumes of possessions are also transported, for example, during renovations, when students arrive to campuses. Customers consider family budgets, stretch finances, opting for Newmarket van hire.


Small vehicles are congenial for residential moves, transporting family members with their stuff. Selecting services, householders consider:

  • van size;
  • mileage charge;
  • insurance
  • brand;
  • hiring purpose.


Transit vehicle accommodates 3-6 people, furniture, domestic appliances and cartons with essential items. Newmarket van hire implies availability of straps, blankets, furniture pads and running floors. The fleet includes vehicles of diverse sizes and capacities. They are always clean, well-maintained, full of gas. Driving license is necessary while test drive is often provided.
Newmarket van hire solutions are applicable for moves, commercial use, holiday trips, equipment hauling. Moving stuff to summer residences or dorms are easy and affordable while customers can book any date, knowing basic technical requirements.