Safety with Moving in Guelph

Nobody wants to lose their belongings during the moving. Movers in Guelph may guarantee you the safety of your staff but the insurance is the good decision. In some cases when your things are damaged during transportation only insurance will cover the harm of your belongings. Movers say that relocation is quite a stressful process and the only way to be calm is to use the help of insurance company.

Moving insurance with movers in Guelph

You may get basic coverage that is provided by law and called «released value protection». To be honest, this is only 60 cents per pound of your belongings. So in some cases that’s not the best idea. Movers in Guelph also provide «full-value protection» which is depending on your valuation. The cost of that coverage is 1% from full value. For example – if you decide all your belongings to cost 20.000 than you pay 200 for protection. In case something happen to your belongings company decides what to do: repair the broken thing or replace it with another. Also you may be given the fair-market value of the thing that was damaged. Also you’ll have to inventory all your belongings because movers will not pay you for everything that cost more than $ 100/pound if it’s not listed. For example, small statue which costs $50 but its weight is ~4 ounces it worth more than $100 per pound and must be listed for covering.