Safety with Movers in Guelph.

In this part of article we will talk about expanded moving coverage.

That’s the «upgraded» version of the basic variant. If you want, you may ask movers in Guelph to cover your belongings but it’s not the insurance even if sometimes they estimate your stuff and will pay it full cost.

You pay for liability, for sure, good companies try to save their reputation and will pay you full worth of damaged things.

But not all movers in Guelph are so good, so sometimes it is better to get the moving coverage.

So, some companies offer expanded valuation. Your may set a $/pound cost for your belongings.

For example, you have 10000 pounds of different things and set the value to the $9 per pound.

In that case, if full shipment will be damaged or lost you’ll get $90000.

If damage will be caused to individual things they’ll be replaced with like-kind ones or you’ll get their market value in cash.

What’s not covered.
That’s an important moment, because in some cases you won’t get any compensation.

For example: Movers aren’t responsible for the items in boxes that were packed by you.

If the whole box will be damaged you’ll get compensation, but you if something in intact box is damaged you won’t.

So it’s better for you to ask movers to pack your belongings.

Natural disasters is your enemy. If damage is caused by the situation that’s not under control of company you’ll be without compensation.

These disasters are: tornado, hurricane, fire, windstorm etc.