Moving companies in Ajax

In the first part of the article we decided what to do to be ready for relocation. To prepare beforehand is the best solution that you may do. Now let’s discuss what you should do when the moving date is really close.

Two weeks before moving.

If you use services of moving companies in Ajax than you may not worry about hiring a truck, packers and loaders but if you don’t than that’s the best time to do some phone calls. With help of moving company that period will be easy, you may pay for packing service to be free from all hard work. If you’ll pack everything by yourself then you’ll have to divide all your belongings in groups and pack them accordingly to that classification. Pay close attention for packing fragile things, you may google for some good ideas or ask for advices from company you hired if you want to transport your things in safety. Ask your movers in Ajax about list of things that are abandoned for moving, if you have some of them then you’ll need to find way to transport them apart.

Moving companies in Ajax

If you have children and pets take care about the transportation arrangements for them. There are some companies that’ll gladly transport your pets, and if your children couldn’t travel with you then you always may hire separate taxi for them.

Order cleaning services, even if you’ll sell your old home it’ll be nice gesture on your part for your buyers.

One week before moving.

Keep valuables with you, don’t pack them with other stuff, and prepare all documentation. Pay all bills and make sure about payment details with your moving company. That’ll help you to avoid unnecessary stress and mess during moving.

Clean up before moving, leave your house as clean as it could be.

Also don’t forget to eat all the food that is frozen in your fridge, because during transportation it may go bad if you don’t have portable refrigerator. Also some moving companies in Ajax could give you special car with freezer, if you’ll really need.

Organize you boxes by priority, some of them with all necessities must be unboxed first so don’t forget to mark every package you have.

Think about your moving day management, hiring movers in Ajax is just a part of a deal and you’ll have a lot of work during moving day and after transportation so it’s better to organize everything beforehand.

Moving day.

The preparations are done, the truck has come and you should give instruction about boxes priority to loaders. After your belongings being loaded don’t forget to lock all doors and windows in your home and go to your new place, there are some work awaits for you.