Good Hamilton movers.

Large furniture does not always need to be disassembled. Good Hamilton movers on the basis of personal experience, argue that the cabinets, dressers, tables easier and faster to move assembled.

It’s recommended to disassemble only those interior, that can’t pass in the doorways, corridors, elevators. Much easier to move once assembled wardrobe than wearing some of its elements, and then assemble them into a single structure.

The main stages of preparation of the furniture to transportation


With pedestals, cabinets and shelves must be removed shelves, pack them in a special film. Shelves are to be packaged so that their rough edges are arranged at one side, which will put them on a rib.

Handles available on furniture, twisted on the inside of the doors.


To avoid losing or damaging the existing furniture, it can be removed and packed in a separate box.

Compulsory removed glass, are packed in several layers of air bubble wrap.

Modules from soft furniture must be sealed in packaging wrap.

In order to prevent deformation of the paint surface, protruding decorative elements should be sealed with tape.
On bags with screws, rivets and screws carefully tabulated marks indicating to which the data relate furniture small parts. Dismantled furniture items marked for easy reassembly.

Dishes and other fragile items individually wrapped in paper, then folded into a small box.
If the move is scheduled for the cold season, it is recommended to warm leather furniture. This prevents damage to the skin that can crack in the cold.

Preparing to move valuable items and antiques, they need to be insured with good Hamilton movers.