List during Hamilton moving.

Let’s continue our list of common mistakes that customers usually do.

7. If you have expensive furniture, be ready for a trip to the office to sign the agreement. Check whether the company selected entity. Private carriers can quit work if damaged furniture and just walk away;

8. Do not flatter yourself guarantees and insurance. Insurance companies insure the risks associated with moving only in connection with the shipment.

None that we know of the insurance company does not insure the liability of the carrier during loading operations in Hamilton moving;


9. Check whether the company’s level of service and its pricing policy suits to your city or region; 10. Too many small companies posing as major carriers and do not imagine what is document and the contract;

11. Be sure to tell all the features of the carrier transported furniture and your wishes on its carriage.

Do not forget to report the presence of a piano in the apartment, safe and cabinet compartment.

Let us know if there is a spiral staircase and so on.

The information about the room in which the furniture is transported is also very important for the carrier.

It is essential for a correct assessment of the real and the cost of Hamilton moving;

12. Check out the recommendations.