Apartment moving

So the preparation for your Hamilton moving began. Moreover, our task is to try to avoid all unplanned expenses that can appear if you don’t go to a new place and carefully inspect the parking, the condition of the elevator, arches and many other barriers to the entrance of the truck directly to the entrance.

Ask the concierge about, possible damage that was dealt to elevator, and it is best to agree with the lifter on the possibility to an emergency call in case of a breaking down in the process of moving the elevator of the apartment.



Our drivers always tries to park the trucks as near to the entrance as it possible. This is the most convenient place for pickup. The main requirements for the parking lot of the truck – it should not hinder the passage and machines and should be near the entrance.

We always recommend, if it is necessary to use our additional services when moving to the apartments “Furniture assembly and disassembly of furniture” and “furniture package”, which can reduce the time of Hamilton moving.

We use one or two small vans for the apartment moves. Using larger trucks cannot be justified, since download time of the big machines always more time to load two small. Big trucks always have difficulty with parking and loaders spend a lot of time to download them.